Nikkei-TBS Smart Media Business Partnership

April 2012: Launch of program broadcast/distribution to deliver the latest information on Japan to the Asian region.

Nikkei Inc. (President & CEO: Naotoshi Okada) and Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc. (President & Representative Director: Shinji Takeda) have launched the broadcast/distribution of a program to deliver the latest information on Japan to the Asian region, under "Nikkei – TBS Smart Media", a legal partnership established on April 5, 2012.

1. Establishment of business partnership, "Nikkei – TBS Smart Media"

Under the partnership, the two parties are jointly conducting business activities to broadcast/distribute up-to-date information on Japan via broadcast channels in Asia and the internet. Operating costs are expected to be in the order of several hundreds of million yen, which will be borne equally by both parties.

2. Launch of "Channel JAPAN" broadcast/distributionChannel JAPAN

The first joint initiative by "Nikkei-TBS Smart Media" is the launch of "Channel JAPAN", an TV program broadcast in select countries throughout Asia, starting April 22, 2012. "Channel JAPAN" is a magazine-style informational program that offers the most up-to-date coverage of the Japanese economy and business, as well as the latest trends in popular and traditional culture, and technology. The primary aim is to highlight the energy, attraction, and limitless business opportunities that Japan has to offer, and to generate wider interest in Japan among viewers in Asia. Content from programs produced and broadcast in Japan by Nikkei and TBS is translated into English and local languages, and broadcast/distributed across Asia to deliver timely information.

3. Future initiatives

"Nikkei-TBS Smart Media" is aiming to expand the reach of "Channel JAPAN" in the Asian region by leveraging the two companies' respective advantages in news and broadcasting.

Nikkei – TBS Smart Media

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